Need help identifying suspect from vending machine break-in

Need help identifying suspect from vending machine break-in

Help needed to identify suspect with vending machine malfunction. ktlo

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The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance in identifying a suspect who broke into vending machines in the early hours of Nov.

The suspect is said to have broken into vending machines at 24-hour fuel stops on US Highway 62 East and Cranfield Road, warehouse liqueur stores and City of Mountain homes, among other locations.

Video surveillance footage from the security camera system at the fuel stop location captured the images below:

If anyone has information about the suspect’s identity or break-in, contact the sheriff’s sergeant. Scott Thrasher in the Criminal Investigation Division at 870-425-7000 or by email [email protected]

Anonymous tips can also be left at the sheriff’s tip line at 870-424-4636 or via a form on the website:

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