Officials Celebrate $210,000 in State Aid for Haverhill Parks and Recreation Areas

Officials Celebrate $210,000 in State Aid for Haverhill Parks and Recreation Areas

City and state officials on Friday celebrated the receipt of $210,000 in budget for improvements and maintenance to several Haverhill parks.

Sen. Barry R. The money was included in the state budget following advocacy by Finegold, whose district is being reconfigured to include Haverhill; Rep. Andy X Vargas; and with the support of Sen. Diana Dizoglio Reps. Linda Dean Campbell, Lenny Mira and Christina A. Minicucci.

Finegold received $100,000 for the expansion of the Riverside Park Trail Extension and $50,000 for improvements to the park near Pentucket Lake, more familiarly known as Round Pond.

In addition, as WHAV first reported in April, Vargas made a contribution to Gale Park to help pay for the restoration of the park’s World War I memorial, damaged viewing plaza and Spanish American War Memorial name plates. sought and obtained approval to set aside $50,000; construction of accessible walkways; And replace the broken water fountain in the park.

As WHAV first reported last June, DiZoglio received a $1.6 billion supplemental state budget or $10,000 from maintenance of the city’s new Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Mill Brook Park.

In a statement posted on social media, Mayor James J. “Grants and earmarks allow us to do things to improve our quality of life that we can’t do within our regular budget,” Fiorentini said.

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