OnePlus 10T Genshin Impact Edition wallpapers, ringtones, animations and more

OnePlus 10T Genshin Impact Edition wallpapers, ringtones, animations and more

RPG fans can use these assets on any Android device

Over the past few years, OnePlus has released limited editions of its devices that feature new wallpapers, animations, ringtones, and more based on a unique theme. Last year, the company Give the OnePlus Nord 2 a Pac-Mac-themed overhaul With various software customizations. This year , OnePlus 10T (AKA OnePlus Ace Pro) received similar treatment.

Towards the end of last month, OnePlus launched the Genshin Impact variant of the device with several software customizations based on the popular RPG. Unfortunately, like most other limited edition devices from OnePlus, this variant is exclusive to the Chinese market. If you are a fan of Genshin Impact and want to give your phone an overhaul, you are in luck. We extracted the new assets from the device firmware, and you can use it on any Android phone.

Origins of the OnePlus 10T Genshin Impact Edition

The OnePlus 10T Special Edition comes with Genshin Impact-themed static and live wallpapers, a custom theme, four new notification sounds, a unique fingerprint unlock animation overlay, custom boot animations, and two themed AOD widgets. You can download these assets for your device by following the link below.

Download OnePlus 10T Genshin Impact Edition Origins

While we can’t give you a preview of some of the assets, you can check out the new wallpapers in the gallery and embedded GIF below.

The static wallpapers have a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, so they should look great on all devices with an FHD+ display. The live wallpaper is an MP4 video file that you can use on your device by following the file Guide for using videos as wallpapers on Android.

You won’t have to root your device to use these included wallpapers or ringtones, but you can’t use the assets left on your device without root access. OnePlus 10T users also have the option to flash their device to Genshin Impact Edition (at least on the software front). Using the XDA-certified developer mlgmxyysd guide. However, some features may not work on the global variable due to internal dependencies.

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