Pain at the pumps as Ottawa gas prices rise

Pain at the pumps as Ottawa gas prices rise

Gas prices are on the rise in Ottawa, with many stations selling $1,736 a litre.

The back-to-back days of price hikes are pushing some businesses to the breaking point.

Across Ontario, the cost of fuel has risen into mid-August as supplies remain tight, a serious strain for Basil Hanhan.

“It’s very, very hard and it affects the business, of course,” says Hanhan, the owner. Five Star Driving School in Ottawa,

The extra cost of the gas it has to dispose of every day is taking away the opportunity to make a profit.

“It used to cost me $700 to fill up all month. Now, it’s not anymore. It’s probably $1,200 and that’s just gas without maintenance on brakes or anything else, it all went up. It was working great before. .”

When gas was closer to $1, Hanhan rented a showroom, and was teaching student drivers five days a week, eight hours a day. But having to raise his prices, which he says most other driving schools have done, has proved too much for some, who are now choosing to take fewer lessons.

“I have to close my classroom and we’ve gone online,” he says. “You can’t afford a driving instructor who is working at the school and a lot of driving instructors go and start their own school and that creates a lot of competition for such a small city. At what point are we going to keep going up, up, up with gas prices.”

Oil giant Shell earned $9.5 billion in the third quarter, compared to $4.1 billion in the same period last year.

Even with big oil’s massive gains coming in, gas price analyst Dan McTeague said he expects prices to continue rising to $1.85 a gallon in the fall.

“We have to know, of course, that the province has taken about six cents out of them in terms of the tax that they will have to pay back at the end of December if they don’t change their minds,” says President McTeague. Affordable Canadian Energy. “The reality is we’re probably going to see gas going back to $2 a gallon and diesel will continue to go up.”

Gas prices fell slightly two weeks ago in early October due to global circumstances, including OPEC’s decision to cut oil production.

according to ottawagasprices.coma year ago the average price in Ottawa was about 142.3 cents per litre.

McTeague predicts that gas prices will rise another seven cents per gallon in the next two days.

In a post on Twitter, McTeague said prices will increase by three cents per liter on Friday, followed by four cents per liter on Saturday, to $1.809 per litre.

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