Proximus brings new experiences to Pickx on Android TV STB, TV, Mobile | Infrastructure | News

Proximus brings new experiences to Pickx on Android TV STB, TV, Mobile | Infrastructure | News

Proximus, Belgium’s largest telecom operator, has chosen 3Ready as the basis for expanding next-generation IPTV and OTT TV service based on Proximus Pickx STB’s next-generation multi-device television offering.
Proximus React Native 3Ready Pickx UX November 11, 2022
The new multi-device service will be made available to all Proximus TV subscribers, which has more than 1.65 million homes. The new framework is said to be able to allow Proximus to accelerate innovation, deploy new features faster across all platforms, and deliver value to customers earlier.

Proximus has chosen to deploy 3SS UX technology for Android TV STB, Apple TV, Samsung, LG and Android smartphones as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. 3SS designed the project to be fully interactive across all new multi-screen platforms. With React Native, a single code base is used for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. System integration of multiple devices, such as integrations with the back end, is more efficient. Such developments are said to benefit from high cross-platform compatibility without any visible loss of performance.

Reportedly offering superior resource efficiencies, the React Native approach is also designed to produce significantly accelerated time to market with less duplication of effort, from design and definition to testing.

3SS calculated that real-world delivery experiences indicate that using a React Native approach reduces total cost of ownership by up to 40% compared to implementing multiple single platform development paths.

“Having cooperated closely with 3SS Over the years, we’ve been confident in expanding our partnership to help us deliver a great customer experience on our website Pickx Entertainment Platform With a harmonious and seamless offering on a range of devices, including Android set-top boxes and smartphones,” said Jim Castell, Proximus Head of Consumer Market. 3 ready solution It will enable us to prepare and adapt to current and future customer needs.”

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