PS4: Gran Turismo Sport Offline Save Patch by Illusion

PS4: Gran Turismo Sport Offline Save Patch by Illusion

PS4 racing game GT Sport It will refuse to save your game progress if you are offline. Developer delusion (Thanks to Nenkai’s discovery) He released a patch to address this “issue”, 5 years after the game’s release.

GT Sport Online requirement, even for single play

Polyphone Digital 2017 Grand Touring Sport It is one of those games that will not accept saving your progress unless you are connected to the game servers. This is claimed to prevent players from cheating online (eg by leveling up through file editors), and polyphony has justified this in the past to implement similar restrictions on their other games as well:

The online connection requirements aren’t limited to the coffee shop per se – it’s just to prevent cheating in general from people trying to modify saved data, so that’s the reason for online communication. – Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of GT, Talking about GT7 version

But it’s confusing (or just slow programming) that such a limitation would also exist for offline/single play.

This may seem like a minor problem in an age when everyone has a solid internet connection, but the implication is the real problem: the day the company decides it’s not worth the cost of maintaining these servers (or if they go bankrupt), the game will simply stop working. Now, for a free online game, this would be frustrating. But for a single-player game, which I paid for, that’s unacceptable in my book. (And yes, we all know that solo GT campaigns aren’t as good as online modes, but I feel like that’s not the point.)

GT Online Save Restrictions – Hackers to the Rescue!

This is where the hackers (who we already know pretty well on his blog for Many 60fps patches for PS4) and Nenkai (a mod for car games in general, GT in particular) comes with a patch that disables “online” verification when saving.

The patch doesn’t seem to have any negative effect, it just works. Of course you will need Jailbroken PS4 to patch the binary and you will still be able to play it… By the way, Jailbroken PS4s can’t (or shouldn’t) connect to the internet anyway, so this is very convenient.

Download and apply the GT Sport Offline Save patch

  • You can download the patch from Github Illusion over here.
  • You will need a tool to unpack/repack your PS4 bundle. Modded Warfare’s PS4 Patch Builder might be just what you want (Tutorial hereAnd the Business links here)
    • You will need to extract and modify eboot.bin and then repackage it using this technique
  • Follow illusion instructions To patch eboot.bin using py_patch (then repackage it using PS4 Patch Builder above).

source: delusion

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