Random: No, US Nintendo did not tweet a picture of Mario flipping the bird

Random: No, US Nintendo did not tweet a picture of Mario flipping the bird

Mario Shock
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If you have found yourself logging into Twitter in the past 24 hours, you may have come across a photo of Mario making a rather foul gesture, Seemingly Posted by the official Nintendo of America account. Yes, we were a little confused at first, too. Did Mario watch all the buggy love flow after the movie came out and now he’s determined to turn anyone in his path? no. this Not Mario, this Not Tweet embed.

Parody accounts have been a part of Twitter since the site was created, but suddenly the rhetoric surrounding them has taken to a whole new level thanks to a new “Twitter Blue” policy and the opportunity to purchase a “verified” status in the famous blue tick next to your name. Of course, the parodies accounts did exactly what they always would and took this opportunity to post some non-branded content (who could see it). who – which at??).

One such company that succumbed to parodies was Nintendo. The family-friendly brand posted the occasional tweet using Little Questionable crafting at last, but Mario gives us all the finger? This seemed too far away. That’s because these posts come from a parody account that can now carry the blue tick for verification and make us all think (at least at first) that Mario has gone from triple jump flips to single finger flips.

The account responsible for imitating Nintendo has now been suspended, but it wasn’t before a lot of people saw the company’s mascot that gives us an ol’ finger (as shared by Tweet embed above).

Other companies including Twitch and Rockstar Games have also seen posts from parody accounts get a lot of attention thanks to the purchasable blue check. Many of these accounts were subsequently suspended but it is still increasingly difficult to tell the truth of the mark

Clicking on the verified sign will let the user know if the account is the real deal or just a Twitter Blue subscriber. However, if you see Mario perform any hateful content, it’s safe to assume that he is Not The real plumber.

What do you think of this parody drama? Go to the comments to let us know (just don’t pretend to be anyone else while you’re there)!

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