Realme 10 5G brings Dimensity 700 and 50MP camera

Realme 10 5G brings Dimensity 700 and 50MP camera


Hanif Fikri, 17 minutes agono phone can beat the $250 poco f3 so farMaybe that’s the price in China. In Europe that phone never cost that much money. It was 350 EUR when it first came out (6Gb/128Gb variant). Even now, in some stores that still have this model, I don’t see it under 300 EUR. Because it was a very good model and people were buying it, the price didn’t drop much.
However, the phone has its flaws. It has below average cameras and the screen (although very nice on paper) has problems with contrast and green color. I tried the phone 2-3 months ago and returned it after 1 week (with the problems I mentioned above). It’s a good gaming phone, but that’s about it. The Redmi Note 10 Pro for example is a better phone in my opinion. And this costs 250EUR nowadays (if you can find it). Inferior chipset, but almost everything else is better than the Poco F3.


UltraHD, 27 minutes agoThey make the back look nice but screw things up in the front, it looks terrible with teardrops… morePeople should have less expectations from phones under 200 euros.
Personally, I will never buy the cheapest Chinese phones on the market (those under 200 euros). In many cases they have many problems and usually get 1 major OS update and 2 years of security.
For people who are absolutely on a budget, a tip, buy cheaper Samsung phones (something like Galaxies A1x or A2x). Although they don’t look the prettiest on paper, in real day use they are better than any cheap Realme or Xiaomi or whatever.
The sweet spot for Chinese phones is the 300-500EUR price range. You get much better models here, you usually get 2 major OS updates and the phones are generally comparable to 600-700 euro Samsung phones.


no phone can beat the $250 poco f3 so far


Aside from being thinner and charging faster, this looks like another step down from previous 5G models. The notch screen and thicker bezels are worse than the 8 5G from last year.


Another trash 👎🗑️🚮 historical bad 10 series, big disappointment worldwide, next chance with Realme 11 Series if you correct your mistake.

They make the back look nice but screw things up on the front, it looks awful with the teardrop and that annoying bezel at the bottom.

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