Reddit now lets you mute subreddits you don’t like

Reddit now lets you mute subreddits you don’t like

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in Share to /r/redditReddit announced that it has started rolling out a feature that allows users to Mute specific communities Which contains content they don’t want to see.

If you mute a subreddit with this feature, posts from it will not appear in your notifications, home feed recommendations, or Reddit feed of the most voted content from its various communities.

Later, Reddit plans to implement muting in other places such as “All” and “Discover”. However, muting the community will not prevent you from visiting or posting.

There are certainly a few specific sub-forums scattered throughout Popular that I find eye stimulating, their ubiquity discouraging visiting Popular too often. Since Popular embodies high-performance posts from a wildly disparate set of interests and communities, this is likely to be true for many users.

This feature is a solution to this problem and can increase the likelihood that some users will see the popular feed.

You can mute up to 1,000 communities and edit the muted list at any time in Settings.

Unfortunately, this new mute feature is only available in Reddit’s iOS and Android apps for now. This isn’t the first time Reddit has rolled out new features first on mobile devices. became somewhat subscriber its occurrence in recent years. However, Reddit was particularly clear this time around that a new mute feature would appear on desktop and the web.

Post announcing the mute feature directs users to follow Reddit change feed For updates on rollouts on other platforms.

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