Saints Row developer promises to update ‘Monster’ to crush hundreds of bugs

Saints Row developer promises to update ‘Monster’ to crush hundreds of bugs

Remember Saints Row? The bizarre open-world reboot was launched at the end of August to a lukewarm response. This month, developer Volition has a major patch ready to tackle hundreds of problems.

This is the first major update of the game which Volition previously said that it will be used to prioritize fixes and improvements to new content. Last month, the studio said it had chosen to spend time developing the current game — although it would have preferred to talk about the roadmaps and expansions.

“Great effort and testing” has gone into overhauling the co-op game, Volition said today. Connectivity issues, maps, and rewards should work more smoothly after the patch.

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The game world will host more roaming pedestrians, police and saints. There have been modifications to make collectibles easier to find and more accurately tracked. Escape from fame levels has also become easier.

Elsewhere across Santo Eliso, vehicle management is improved with seven more garages across the city and additional storage space for your vehicles.

Other improvements include an audio slider and a fix to support PS5 DualSense touch players. The full patch notes will be released along with the update later this month.

“The new Volition’s Saints Row won’t burn the world down, but there’s a solid game with some pleasant surprises,” Vicki Blake wrote in. Saints Row Eurogamer Reviewdubbed “Fast Reboot But Slightly Uneven”.

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