Salvation Army branches are rolling out this Thanksgiving as more families seek food aid

Salvation Army branches are rolling out this Thanksgiving as more families seek food aid

(WNDU) – With the holiday approaching, local Salvation Army branches are ready to meet growing needs.

According to Elkhart’s Salvation Army, they have experienced three times the number of people seeking food aid this year.

“Traditionally, we provide a meal on Thanksgiving for everyone who visits. By pivoting, we are able to provide more food for more people that last longer,” said Joshua Hubbard, Salvation Army, Elkhart Corps lieutenant and corps officer.

Hubbard told 16 News Now that this year they will partner with the Faith Mission to provide food on Thanksgiving Day, and plan to increase food delivery throughout the month of November, providing even more food for people. .

“People are really excited to have access to food because it gives them a little bit more freedom to cook their own Thanksgiving meals and provide food for their families on Thanksgiving and beyond,” Hubbard said.

Other Salvation Army also shared plans to make some changes this year.

The Salvation Army, the Benton Harbor Corps, shared with 16 News Now that instead of assisting with food boxes for Thanksgiving, they would partner with community agencies to provide ‘pre-Thanksgiving meals’ and provide Christmas meal boxes. will focus on doing.

The Salvation Army has also participated in Warsaw.

They plan to help with Thanksgiving dinner that will be served at Elks Lodge in Warsaw, and partner with St. Ann’s Church to provide Thanksgiving baskets of food and goods.

“And then we have tried to strengthen our pantry as well. So, we hope that in all those different entities together, we can address the need that is out there,” said Ken Locke, Salvation Army envoy and administrator for Kosciuszko and Whitley counties.

The Salvation Army hopes that these changes will not only help during the holidays, but will also allow them to provide food assistance to those in need for the rest of the year.

“We wanted to make an impact on Thanksgiving Day, but also throughout the holiday season, and we felt these opportunities allowed for us in our community,” Hubbard said.

To find your local Salvation Army, click Here.

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