Samsung unveils the first SmartThings Home in Dubai

Samsung unveils the first SmartThings Home in Dubai

Last update: October 22, 2022 at 08:05 UTC + 02:00

To expand its presence and localize SmartThings expertise, Samsung The first SmartThings Home opened in Dubai On October 6, SmartThings Home in Dubai is the company’s first multi-device experience space in the Middle East. It is spread over an area of ​​278 square meters and is located on the first floor of the Dubai Butterfly Building. It’s the same location as Samsung’s headquarters in the Middle East.

Divided into four zones i.e. home office, living room, kitchen, game studio and contents, visitors can explore fifteen SmartThings scenarios in this newly created space. Visitors can also experience the benefits of connecting SmartThings to different devices, from mobile phones to home appliances and display products.

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For local customers, there are exclusive areas such as prayer mode and sandstorm mode. These specialized scenarios were developed for local customers by Samsung Electronics’ headquarters in the Middle East and the Samsung R&D Institute of Samsung Research in Jordan.

SmartThings Home Dubai delivers local experiences to users

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In Sandstorm mode, customers can quickly tap a single button on the SmartThings app to enable the smart blinds to block dust from outside and enjoy a clean indoor environment. Also, the internal purifier begins its work, and the robotic vacuum cleaner begins to clean the place. In prayer mode, users will receive a notification on their smartwatch when it is prayer time.

Users simply need to turn on the prayer mode in the SmartThings app, which will activate the smart blinds, adjust the room lighting, and turn off the TV, creating a suitable environment for prayer. In Content Creation Studio, Gen Z can express themselves through social media and can control various devices, lighting and TVs, with the touch of a button in the SmartThings app.

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More than 100 visitors attended the opening Smart Things Home Dubai On October 6, which included local media, partner companies, government officials and influencers.

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