Spotify’s redesigned Apple Watch app seems like an afterthought

Spotify’s redesigned Apple Watch app seems like an afterthought

Spotify Gives Her Apple Watch users Some love, added UI and playback upgrades that closely match the familiar experience from larger screens. in update Which starts todaywatchOS users will see an enhanced view of your library with more in-depth music controls and the ability to download playlists without going back to your iPhone.

Prior to today’s update, Spotify’s Apple Watch features were rudimentary. For starters, the app rendered your library view as a text-only address list. The new update provides a more attractive user interface, including thumbnails for artwork. In the watchOS The old version of the app, once you tap on an album or playlist, it will start playing immediately without letting you choose any options beforehand. The new update adds a screen with two prominent buttons for downloading and mixing your music.

At first Spotify Added Offline Play In an update from May last year, but this version still requires you to use your iPhone to choose offline music, and you can only download individual songs to your wearable device. Downloading entire playlists and albums without pulling the phone would be a welcome addition friends. The new update also lets you swipe to like a song from the list view, a gesture already familiar to file users Spotify iOS App.

Spotify's watchOS update now lets you pick up where you left off with your favorite audio files.


Today’s update also improves Apple Watch audio notation Playback, allowing you to view your listening progress and pick up where you left off. The previous version was always replaying podcasts from the beginning.

In addition to the Apple Watch app upgrades, Spotify has also highlighted new tap-to-listen controls for the Meta. Ray ban stories Organizing music for boarding music on Delta Air Lines. The company also announced its support for “Ambient Experience,” which features a playlist or podcast artwork Fire TV Omni QLED Series TVs When you don’t see anything. TV owners of $800 and up can scroll through their music using either the TV remote control or Spotify Connect devices.

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