Tesla employees enjoy a moment of peace while Elon gets distracted with a new game

Tesla employees enjoy a moment of peace while Elon gets distracted with a new game

Austin, Texas – The exhausted workers at Tesla, Inc. They enjoy some quiet time to themselves while little rascal Elon Musk is busy playing his new Twitter game.

“Don’t get me wrong, we love our baby more than anything else in the world. He’s precocious, energetic and some of the things he says are really cool,” said engineer Harriet Garland, who usually spends several hours a day cranking Musk so he doesn’t hurt himself on the machines. “But it’s nice to have a chance to do some actual engineering while he’s busy playing with that cool thing on Twitter. look at him. He is intrigued.”

Other employees are taking the time to finish some chores at Tesla’s headquarters, including cleaning the break room.

“We can probably take this opportunity to get rid of a few of these things outside while he’s not looking,” said Frank Jones, Tesla’s office manager, as he removed several car pens from the refrigerator. “The last time he caught us taking one of his ‘cool car ideas’ out of the fridge, he threw a big tantrum. I had to hold him for a few hours and tell him what a smart boy he was until he calmed down. He’s a handful, that’s for sure.”

While everyone in the company is grateful for his occupancy, some feel it is unsustainable to need a new toy every time Musk has a fit of ecstasy.

“Honestly, we thought Boring would keep him occupied for longer than I did,” assembly line worker Teresa Landry said. “We had visions of him digging holes to his heart’s content, but he’s back in the office within a week, running around with a paper plate like a steering wheel and saying ‘zoom in’ kind of growling, if you ask me.”

At the time of this news, the staff was passing on one of Musk’s recent tweets, just to make sure he’s safe and having a good time.

“This is our boy,” said one of them, with tears in their eyes. “He looks very happy.”

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