Tesla will hold a rare event for Tesla Semi deliveries on December 1st

Tesla will hold a rare event for Tesla Semi deliveries on December 1st

Tesla confirmed that it will hold an event on December 1st for Tesla Semi deliveries. More details about the production version of the electric truck are yet to be revealed.

While Tesla has been holding launch events for new products and production vehicle programs, the automaker steered clear of the pandemic and instead held annual Battery Day and AI Day events.

CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would not introduce any new vehicles for a while as it focuses on ramping up production of its existing vehicle programs.

But now we’ve learned that Tesla will hold a rare event to begin deliveries and unveil a new production version vehicle: the Tesla Semi.

Although the automaker hasn’t officially announced the event, Tesla’s head of investor relations, Martin Viecha, confirmed that Tesla will hold a random drawing for retail shareholders to participate in:

The executive is referring to the new Tesla Shareholder Platform that the company launched in the summer to offer new features to retail shareholders.

Now it looks like one of the first uses of the platform will be this drawing for the Tesla Semi event.

As is often the case at Tesla delivery events, the automaker should not only hand over the first vehicles to customers, but also make an announcement about its long-awaited vehicle program for the Tesla Semi.

The Tesla Semi was first introduced in 2017, and the production version was delayed several times. Last summer, Tesla offered a small update to the production version, but the automaker is expected to release more details, pricing and more configurations beyond the roughly “300k” to “500k” range.

More details on the truck’s efficiency than the “less than 2 kWh” that Tesla is currently citing will be welcomed by customers.

Take the electricity

We need more performance and pricing details to do the math on the Tesla Semi and truly understand its potential impact on the trucking industry.

There could also be some surprises at the event. After all, Tesla introduced the new Roadster as a surprise at the launch of the original Tesla Semi, and the Roadster is due for an update as well.

It may be a good thought, but I think a new Roadster prototype, or even an early production look, with the new Roadster coming next year would be nice to see and bring back the fun that came with Tesla events.

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