Transitional Assistance Program to connect the elderly with government jobs

Transitional Assistance Program to connect the elderly with government jobs

Fort Carson – For many soldiers, the decision to retire from the military can be difficult and fraught with uncertainty. The Transition Assistance Program at Fort Carson hopes to make the process easier for many veterans.

Today, government officials and police departments went to the post to educate soldiers about opportunities within local government positions.

“They bring a lot to the table for us,” said Protem Mayor of Fountain Tamara Estes.

He remarked about the skill of military members
Already working for the city.

“They have leadership skills, they have project management skills, they have liaison skills. A lot of the skills they learn in their military careers are very translatable to what we do in local government,” Estes to continue.

Tom Joyce, deputy to the garrison commander at Fort Carson, says the Transition Assistance Program seeks to take proactive steps to help his army.

“Our goal is to help them along the way,” Joyce said.

Joyce elaborated that the International City and County Association contacted Fort Carson after dealing with problems trying to fill local government positions.

“They came up to us and said ‘Hey, we want to be part of this. We think soldiers have those qualities, and values ​​that they place in local government too’. So, of course, we’re here today. And hopefully we can find some good jobs in the future for some of our soldiers,” Joyce said.

“I’m looking to retire soon within the next year, and you never know,” said Major Tony Collins, command sergeant in the 4th Engineer Battalion.

He spoke to several government officials in the city
And the police department is present in Fort Carson today. He has advice for anyone looking to make the leap to quit the military.

Collins said, “Don’t worry about it, even if you have no clue what you want to do. You come here and these people are dedicated, they’ll definitely help you out.”

Pikes Peak is near the workforce
A veteran recruitment event on November 17th. To know more about it, you can click Here.


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