Union leader Tenaris is not happy with the delayed pipe manufacturing line

Union leader Tenaris is not happy with the delayed pipe manufacturing line

Tenaris says the new ERW production line is up and running, but United Steelworkers Local 9548 President Cody Alexander says that’s not exactly the case.

Last September, representatives from United Steelworkers Local 9548 visited Tenaris Canada opening ceremony In Sault Ste. Marie for centralizing $150 million of pipes under one roof.

But when it came time for publicity photos, however, the steelmakers wanted no part of it.

Alexander, president of United Steelworkers Local 9548, which represents about 500 workers at the Sault-based pipe mill, says the end of the ERW pipe manufacturing line has been idle for months and is not expected to be fully operational and selling pipe to customers. in the middle of next year.

Ricardo Prosperi, president of Tenaris’ Canadian operations, told the Canadian International Trade Court at a hearing last year that he was confident Tenaris Canada would start producing ERW pipe on the new production line by the end of March 2022.

“We’re not here to be a part of their propaganda because we know the line isn’t running,” Alexander said. SooToday in a recent interview.

ERW held a media tour of the line ahead of its September grand opening. Alexander says the tube used by Tenaris in the line demonstration was not pushed through a fully functioning system.

“It was not loaded by itself through a work system; they had to bring the pipe and put it on the bed and walk downstairs because there’s nothing wired,” said Alexander. “It was a complete farce, if you ask me. The whole farce they did there.

“That’s why we wouldn’t take pictures. That’s why we refused to have any part of it. We went and listened to the CEO, and then we left. We didn’t have lunch, we didn’t drink, nothing,” he continued. “We wanted to hear what they were saying, we listened to the nonsense and then we left.”

According to Tenaris Director of Corporate Relations David McHattie, the ERW line is now operational and in the ramp-up phase “after further delays that were beyond our control”.

“These delays included the difficulty our contractors had with labor supply due to the high level of construction in the Sault,” he said. “Everyone was doing the best they could given the challenges facing Canada and Sault Ste in general. Marie specifically.

Tenaris Algoma Tubes employs more than 600 people in Sault Ste. Mary

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