Why is America behind China in phone manufacturing?

Why is America behind China in phone manufacturing?

a smartphone. It’s the most used device by Americans every day, but home tech companies don’t invest in making these devices at home.

China is by far the leader in global manufacturing. In a report published by the United Nations, the country will account for 30.5% of global manufacturing output in 2021, with the US coming second with 16.8% and Japan third with only 7%.

Apple is so heavily dependent on China that in 2019 the news was Groove on social media that the iPhone maker was United Airlines’ The company, the largest customer, buys 50 business-class seats daily from San Francisco to Shanghai.

While many tech companies have opted to manufacture products overseas, one US-based company is defying conventional wisdom and manufacturing locally.

The startup is called Purism, and it was founded in 2014 by Todd Weaver. In its early days, Puritanism was supported through crowdfunding initiatives. Now, the company has expanded to make electronics such as smartphones. Purism makes the Librem 5 USA model phone, the only smartphone in the world with a “Made in USA” stamp.

Watch the video to learn more about why America is behind China in phone manufacturing.

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